The Hackensack Eight

Last winter, the Davenport project was contacted by a collector in New Jersey who had eight original Homer Davenport cartoons for sale. An offer was made on behalf of the Silverton Country Historical Society, and was accepted. These are all large-format pieces, on paper measuring two by three feet.

Davenport first sketched the basic cartoon in pencil, then when over it with India ink. The complete cartoon was then sent to the reprographics department, to have it photographically converted into a printing plate. One can still see some of the technical directions, in pencil on the edges of these, added by the photoengraving crew.

Once in Silverton, a second grant was obtain to get the pictures professionally framed and mounted. The Silverton Arts Association hosted a special opening reception and display in August at their Borland Gallery. The purchase and framing was made possible by grants from the Homer Davenport Community Festival in Silverton, Oregon. Serendipitously, four addition originals were donated to the Historical Society a week before the show’s opening.