Davenport at GeerCrest

The Davenport Project EventThe GeerCrest Farm family invites you to join us at GeerCrest Farm on April 7 at 6:00 pm, for our Spring Farm Dinner. Guests will experience a seasonal, 4-course feast made from farm fresh fare, skillfully paired with regional organic wines, and prepared with love by the GeerCrest Farm family. This evening is an occasion to taste the local flavors of the growing season, while supporting GeerCrest Farm in the company of your friends and neighbors.

For this dinner program, we will be featuring a talk by GeerCrest Board member and Davenport Project lecturer Gus Frederick, on the life and times of Oregon Cartoonist Homer Davenport, as well as the contributions to pioneer Oregon by his Geer and Davenport relatives.

GeerCrest Farm began as a homestead in 1848 by Mary and Ralph Geer. Through the last Century and a half, the land has remained a working farm and has been handed down through successive generations of the Geer Family. Recognizing the tremendous legacy the land and historic farmhouse hold, including sanctuary to Homer Davenport, the W.R. Hearst Political Cartoonist, a group of volunteers formed to preserve the farm and way of life.

Today, GeerCrest Farm & Historical Society’s mission is to live and teach agrarian culture, encouraging people to rely on each other and cooperate with nature to provide a livelihood for themselves. GeerCrest invites students of every age to visit the farm and learn farming skills including caring for goats, sheep, pigs, horses and chickens as well vegetable and fruit culture, cheese-making, canning, and much more. Students stay for the day on field trips, the week as part of school curriculum and summer farm stays, or a weekend up to several months as a farm family member.

Help support GeerCrest’s Legacy of Education, Preservation and Agrarian Culture today by reserving your tickets. The dinner is $60 per plate, and includes local libations. The event is limited to 30 folks, so reserve your seat at the table today by registering Online at the GeerCrest site, or by calling GeerCrest Farm at 503-873-3406.

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